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  • Hour long prenatal visits, usually in your home, on a regular schedule personalized to your needs. We use this time to get to know you and baby, to discuss concerns and questions, and to provide you with information so you can make your own decisions regarding your care. 

  • Nutritional counseling and nourishing herbal tea throughout your pregnancy

  • Home birth support during labor, through birth, and for several hours after birth. *birth center is available for an additional fee

  • Comprehensive care for your well newborn from birth to 6 weeks

  • Feeding support​​

  • 4 in-home postpartum visits in the first 6 weeks after birth

  • Your midwife's phone number so you can call or text anytime

*While labs, ultrasounds, and RhoGAM are available, they are not included in the global fee but may be covered by your insurance provider. Birth pool, some supplies, and supplements are also an additional cost.



Counseling at your home, personalized to your feeding goals and concerns. Follow-up texts and calls are included. Some things we can help with include:




Milk Supply


*Packages available for concerns that may require additional in-person follow-up such as nipple soreness and trauma, inadequate baby weight gain, or low milk supply. 


Telehealth is available for those clients who are not local.


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Continuous, one-on-one nurture and support during your labor and birth journey for you and your partner. Includes: 

  • In-home prenatal visits to discuss your vision and concerns

  • Education topics tailored to your needs

  • Support in making informed choices for your family

  • Texts and calls during the prenatal period

  • Physical and emotional support for you and your partner during labor and birth,

  • In-home postpartum visit with complimentary lactation counseling


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